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How To Use SEO Quake google Chrome Extension 2023

SEO quake google chrome extension


The sole SEO tool available is Seo Quake SEMrush, one of the top competitors in the SEO industry. The list of Chrome SEO add-ons would be incomplete without the SEO Quake Google Chrome Extension. It is one of the best-maintained add-ons that enables you to benefit from all facets of SEO.It is possible to customize SEOQuake and use a free SEMrush account with it (Create one gratis here).

You can access a wealth of excellent SEO data directly from your search results with SEO Quake. For any site, statistics regarding SEO, backlinks, and shares on social media are also available.

Some of these applications involve vision, such as:

  1. what countries are the visitors to the websites of competitors? (social vs. SEO vs. paid ads)
  2. You could see Google adverts if they are displaying them in this addon!
  3. Amount of backlinks
  4. Subject Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Keywords for Websites

How to use SEO quake google chrome extension

Seoquake is a highly customizable web plugin that can be used to examine different SEO factors on your website. It offers fundamental statistics about your domain, such as Alexa rank, the amount of pages searched by Google, Bing, and Web Archive. Additionally, social media stats are offered. You may adjust and modify dozens of different options in Seoquake.

Installing the Seoquake Chrome Extension is simple, and it provides free in-browser access to key SEO indicators. It provides a number of practical tools, such as the SEO Audit and the SERP overlaying. The SERP overlay enables you sort and exporting results while displaying extensive metrics for each SERP item. Additionally, it provides thorough reports for different pages.

Features of SEO quake extension

The free SEO Quake google chrome extension enables you to view the SEO status of your website in real-time. In other terms, you can identify potential SEO issues as they arise for your page. This function also enables the resolution of optimization-related problems.

  1. Easily Monitor Competition

Since the plugin can evaluate any website, you can use it to monitor how a rival’s website attracts visitors. You’ll be able to tell where they are coming from, including if they are getting from premium features or social media sites like Fb, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. In this way, you might gain inspiration from their achievements and adjust your efforts to catch up with and surpass them.

  1. SEO Slugfest Competition

No issue where you would be, SEO Quake google chrome extension enables you to compare several URLs and domains within certain SEO factors. The information you obtain can then be exported into a report that you can dynamically modify as much as you like.

  1. It is a Simple Analysis Tool.

Your browser is all that is required to perform a thorough SEO study of any website you choose. It can complete everything with a single click and a brief delay. You don’t have to continually navigate a challenging UI that uses a lot of resources on your PC. Instead, you may alter it so that it only ever shows you the information you need when you require it.

  1. Ability of Google Ad Viewer

This plugin enables you to fully examine Google advertisements whenever you desire if your rivals are using them. This makes it much simpler for you to remain competitive throughout your promotions.

        5. SEO bar Opportunity

You can use this tool to instantly get a summary of any webpage you’re currently viewing. When not needed, the interactive SEO bar can be disabled, or it can change its settings to provide the functionality you require. While looking at other items on the website, this bar makes it simpler to swiftly obtain information so that you can decide what to do next. This just serves to boost your effectiveness.

  1. Examine Links

You may utilize a backlink analyzer with this tool. Additionally, it can assist you in gathering data regarding both internal and external links on any webpage. This includes URL, link kinds, anchor texts, and a lot more data.


SEOQuake google chrome extension is crucial to your SEO efforts. You can use it to find out what your rivals are doing, what they’re not doing so you can do it more, and how effective your own platform’s SEO is right now. The good thing is that you don’t even need to be an SEO expert.


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