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6 Main Differences Between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp

Difference between whatsapp & business whatsapp

People love communicating over the app because of its features, security, and speed, making WhatsApp and Business WhatsApp one of the most widely used messenger services worldwide. Additionally, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users from all sorts of backgrounds.

WhatsApp Messenger is appropriate for both personal and professional uses thanks to its user-friendly design, dependability, and functionality.

Nowadays, WhatsApp most useful platform from a business point of view. In this blog, I will share 6 major differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business, although it is necessary to look at whatsApp tricks you need to know.

From a simple messenger app, WhatsApp has completely transformed. The messenger app serves as a one-stop shop for online interactions by enabling payments, location sharing, audio/video calls, and document attachments.

WhatsApp introduced business whatsApp in 2018 to expand its service to proprietors of small businesses (ranging from small to medium-sized businesses). However, it primarily works to support businesses looking to advertise on WhatsApp or help customers.

 Difference between whatsapp business and simple whatsapp:

1. Framework & Platform

Both apps use the same platform for conversational interactions. Additionally, they adhere to the same design principles. However, the logos on each app are unique.

2. Profile for Business WhatsApp

Compared to regular WhatsApp, where you only have a cover photo, name, and description, WhatsApp Business’ profile page is much more comprehensive. Features of the WhatsApp Business account include:

  • Cover image description of the work area.
  • Hours of work.
  • A website link to yours.
  • Product listing.

When clients contact you on WhatsApp, they view your business profile as their first point of contact. Make sure you complete all the information and dress brightly.

3. Labels Contact details

Business WhatsApp supports this feature, but not by WhatsApp personal messenger. WhatsApp Labels are categorically color-coded. You can sort contacts according to your preferences by creating custom label names using this feature.

To mark specific contacts or groups, you can start creating a maximum of 20 custom labels. This is a useful feature that lets you choose labels and effectively organize your data.

4. Sharing Short Links

To chat with someone on WhatsApp, we must first save their phone number in our contacts. WhatsApp Business has developed a short link feature to help prevent this. For your business account, you can use it to generate a short link that you can share with others. Without saving your phone number, the other user can simply tap the link to start a conversation with you.

5. Filters for Advanced Search

This is yet another feature that distinguishes WhatsApp from Business WhatsApp. The Business app contains several sophisticated search filters that are not present in the default app. You can use them to look for chats, undelivered messages, broadcast messages, or group texts that fall under a specific label.

6. Automation of Messages

It is not possible to automate personal messages with WhatsApp Messenger. However, there are three different types of text automation functions in the WhatsApp Business app:

  • Greeting messages
  • Quick responses
  • Away messages

For those who crowd or even when you are not at the office, this feature is helpful. During those pre-set away hours, whenever someone communicates with your WhatsApp number, the user receives a personalized automated reply based on the trigger.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, but it’s also known for serving ads. The app’s parent company, Facebook, makes money from a variety of sources, including the sale of virtual goods, advertisements, and sponsored posts.

WhatsApp began as a free messaging app but now offers users free versions with fewer features and in-app purchases for additional features, such as group chats and read receipts.

How many people can add ?

However, you can add up to 250 contacts per group, which means that you can have up to 1,000 people in one group! This is more than what you get with the regular consumer version of WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Business is pretty similar to regular WhatsApp, but it has some additional features that make it easier to use in business offers more features than WhatsApp and has a business-oriented interface that allows users to view the sender’s number and ID, read details about the contact and send messages

As well. It offers some paid features that allow businesses to personalize their accounts and make them more appealing to their customers.

Final note

In short, business whatsApp appears to provide an easy way for businesses to set up a new account, add business information such as address and contact info, and connect with customers. It is important to note that the business messaging option will be different from the personal one — more on that soon.


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