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7 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving Day With Employees:

The story of Thanksgiving is one of the most interesting, festive and beautiful stories in America. It’s been said that Thanksgiving was made a national holiday because it was full of food and warmth, along with family and togetherness. This day has changed for generations now, as many people do not celebrate Thanksgiving at all with family members and employees anymore. Today we will talk about the history of Thanksgiving traditions if you want to know how to celebrate thanksgiving day with employees.

Embrace gratitude:

Give out stickers that workers can paste on their uniforms for the day. After that, ask them to list three things for which they are grateful.

It’s not only a great method to get staff members to count their blessings, but it also gives residents something to talk about. Maybe locals will decide to wear gratitude patches as well!

Plan an Activity:

As you may already be aware, Thanksgiving is all about giving. There is never a better moment to volunteer and support your community outside of the office with a group of coworkers. Giving a few hours of your time during the week of Thanksgiving to volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter can make a big difference in your community while also fostering relationships between employees and raising employee engagement levels.

Consider organizing a canned food drive so that everyone may contribute to helping those in need throughout the Christmas season if leaving the office to volunteer is not an option.

Plan a fundraising event:

Encourage employees to decide on a charity to support during November. So that everyone feels that they took their views into consideration, solicit suggestions before voting.

You may organize a donation drive for items like gloves, eyeglasses, teddy bears, etc., or you might try to raise money for a cause. There are many ideas in the funding archive.

Hold a Cooking Contest:

Add some variety to the usual potluck by holding a contest for the best recipes. Hold a contest where participants bring in their favorite Thanksgiving meal to get your staff in the mood of the holiday. Prepare scorecards so that each employee may cast their vote. The winner will receive a gift card, or if you’re like us, extra bonus points that can be used to buy the employees’ preferred gift card.

Organize a cocktail hour:

If it’s appropriate for your workplace, hold a cocktail hour for Thanksgiving. Pour some wine and toast the job your staff members perform all year long. You might even incorporate a Thanksgiving-themed version of “Two Truths and a Lie” game. Everybody must estimate which two of the three statements employees share about themselves that are related to the holidays are true and which one is false.

Thanksgiving celebrations at work can foster camaraderie among coworkers and help stave off pre-holiday stress. Your office Thanksgiving is sure to be a hit, whether you enjoy a delicious dinner together or give back by organizing a donation drive.

Put on a potluck:

They should plan an employee potluck for early November. Even better, plan one for each shift so that everyone can participate.

Encourage staff to utilize this as a practice run for a new dish they want to prepare for Thanksgiving meal. If contributors bring their dish’s recipe to exchange with everyone, it will be even more enjoyable.

Thanksgiving decorations:

Organize a Thanksgiving door decorating competition. Encourage each worker to select a resident whose door they want to adorn (with their permission). You should also ask a group of locals to select the doors with the greatest decorations. Offer modest prizes that companies have donated.

Be sure to verify the fire codes for your state before you start this activity. Some care facilities have limitations on the kinds of materials you can use for door decorations.


People spend a lot of time at work. It is vital you feel appreciated and thanksgiving day is a perfect way to do that. Give thanks to your employees this year by throwing them a thanksgiving day party!

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