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The Best Time to Buy New Appliances to Save Big


Summer is the best time to buy appliances. You’ve got a lot of options, and if you’re smart, you can save big. Here are the tips to help you get the most bangs for your buck when it comes to your next kitchen upgrade.

Buy Now, Save Later

There’s no doubt about it: Appliance sales bring the best prices. But if you wait too long, that sale price could disappear by the time you’re ready to pull the trigger.

The best time to buy is when there’s a sale on something you really want, but don’t need right away. Waiting for an appliance sale could take months or even years for some items (think refrigerators). If you’re dead set on a particular model and color combination that’s not on sale now but will be soon enough, stick with your plan and wait until it goes on sale. You’ll pay a bit more than if you bought sooner rather than later, but not much more — especially considering how often appliances go on sale!

If you’re blessed enough to have the time to plan ahead when you’d like to buy a new appliance, you can save money by buying at a specified time of year. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, stoves/ranges, and other appliances are best purchased at particular periods of the year.

Best Time to Buy a New Appliance

Do you want to get a good deal on your next purchase? Great! Just make sure you’re shopping during the best time – and here’s how

September and October

September and October are the ideal months t purchase most big appliances. Manufacturers reveal their latest models during these two months. As a result, last year’s models will have to be discounted in order to create room for the new models that will be available in the winter.


Refrigerators are an exception to point number one. Unlike other major appliances, most refrigerator makers release new models in the summer. This means that models from the previous year are discounted in the spring.


While transitioning from last year’s models to this year’s,  some businesses hold on to outdated inventories. However, once the new year arrives, all surviving models from the previous year must be discounted even more. While there may be better bargains available at this time, the choices will be limited.

Any Holiday Weekend

Retailers offer bargains around almost every holiday. Holidays such as Columbus Day, Presidents Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and most other minor holidays are excellent opportunities to save money. For example, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) can be an excellent time to buy a big-ticket item.

End of the Month

Many appliances are sold on commission or with quotas, the end of the month can be a great opportunity to save money. That being said, regardless of the month, attempt to negotiate whenever possible. The worst that can happen is if they refuse to drop the price.


Weekends are a nightmare for both appliance and furniture stores. Parking lots are congested, salespeople are overworked, and you may feel pushed into making a decision. Avoid the weekend rush by scheduling your appliance shopping during the week, even if it means rearranging your work schedule or going in the evening.

You’ll get more attention from the salesperson, as well as a potentially better offer.

Anytime Online

You can get a good indication of where the best offer is online by doing a fast search. The best months to shop online are the same as the greatest months to shop in stores, although amazing online deals may be found all year. Just remember to include shipping in the total.

This is the time to buy your new appliances.

If you’re in the market for a new washer or dryer, refrigerator, stove or oven, this is the best time of year to find those deals. But what if you need an appliance now? It is not always possible to time your large appliance purchase to get the best deal, as much as you would like to. If an appliance breaks unexpectedly, you’ll have to choose between a costly repair and purchasing a new appliance, even if bargain prices are months away. Consider alternatives to buying new in these situations. You can get great deals on gently used appliances at sites like Craigslist and eBay. You can also check out local consignment stores and thrift shops that sell used items. Some of these shops also offer warranties that cover parts and labor so they can help with any issues that may arise with your purchase.

You may be planning to buy a new appliance in the next few months, but if your current one breaks unexpectedly, will you want to wait until the best deals come around? Or will you need to buy a new appliance right away?

If so, you might consider alternatives to buying brand new appliance.

You could rent or lease an appliance instead of buying it outright. This way, if something goes wrong with your rental or leased appliance and you need to replace it sooner than expected, you won’t have to worry about the cost of repairs or trade-ins because the terms of your agreement will cover that.

Another option is to buy from a used appliance store—or even from a friend or family member who already owned an item like yours and no longer needs it. While it might not be as convenient as purchasing brand new from a retailer, it could save money and give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with your new purchase!

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