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Every Tree You Plant Brings Rewards To You And Your Community

Did you know that plants day of the year designed to celebrate love for trees (and the Earth)? It’s called Love a Tree Day and it happens on May 16th every year. Scientists believe that trees benefit the Earth in many different ways which is why we should have a day just to appreciate them

Love a Tree Day falls on May 16th, smack in the middle of Garden for Wildlife Month, and wildlife gardeners all over the world recognize the importance of trees in a successful wildlife garden. So here are five fantastic methods to express your gratitude!

Here are our favorite ways to get in the spirit of Love a Tree Day

Plant A Tree

This one is obvious, but it’s important. Trees clean the air, reduce runoff from rainstorms, and help keep the climate stable by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also help regulate temperature in urban areas (which means less air conditioning bills for you!). And if you choose wisely, they can be beautiful additions to any yard or neighborhood. If you have room in your yard, plant one! If not, try finding a local park where you can plant one.

Don’t Buy Paper Products For One Day

—or even better, for a week! If every household in America stopped buying paper towels for just one month, we could save over 3 million trees per year! That would be AMAZING! Not only is it healthy for the environment, but it’s also excellent for your savings account.Use old rags instead of paper towels; use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins (you can wash them and reuse them). You’ll be amazed at how easy it is once you get used to it!

Adopt A Tree

You can adopt a tree in your name at any time of the year and make sure it gets the care it needs so that it grows h2 and healthy. Plant a seedling in your backyard and make sure you take care of it until it grows into a mature tree

Volunteer At Botanical Garden

Working with plants is always fun, and these places often need volunteers during the summer months when they’re busiest, so this is an opportunity to get out there and meet some great people while helping the environment!

Donate To Organizations Dedicated To Planting Trees All Over The Country

—like The Arbor Day Foundation or American Forests—and ensure that your donation goes toward planting more trees in places where they’re needed most (such as along riverbanks).

Take A Stroll Through The Park

or find out when they’re going to be doing a plant sale in your area so that you can buy some seeds or saplings to bring home, water them, and watch them thrive while they grow into full-size trees!

Sponsor An Existing Tree By Paying

for its maintenance costs for one year—it’s easy! Many organizations use crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe or Indiegogo in order to raise money for this purpose; just check out their websites for details about how you can join their efforts today!

May 16 is Love a Tree Day, and we are Excited to Celebrate!

We know that trees are a vital part of our environment, and we want to share some of the benefits of this special day with you.

Trees provide shade, which prevents overheating in hot weather and keeps us cool in cold weather. They also provide oxygen, which helps us breathe. Trees can even help us fight against pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen back into it!

Did You Know That Trees Can Reduce Stress Levels?

They do this by giving us something beautiful to look at while we relax under their branches. Plus, they help us feel more attached to nature, which can improve our overall mental health!

Trees help create an environment where wildlife can thrive, too! Birds need branches on which to perch or build nests for their young; squirrels need trees for climbing; bees need flowers for pollinating; insects need leaves for eating; etcetera. There would be no life on the planet if trees were not present!

Benefits of Plants

There are many benefits that come with having a tree at home. They offer shade during hot summer days, they provide shelter for birds and insects, they keep soil moist during dry spells and they absorb carbon dioxide from the air which helps reduce pollution levels around us. In addition to these things, they also look pretty!

So what are you waiting for? Go out today and plant a tree or two—it will make you feel good inside AND outside!
In the end, Love a Tree day is simply an opportunity to teach others about the vital role trees play in our environment. They purify the air we breathe, offer us safe haven from the elements, provide food and shelter to smaller animals, and help regulate the local weather. Plus, they don’t need a babysitter (or gifts) on their birthday!
Love a Tree Day is all about celebrating the greenery in our lives. The concept is simple clear a scrap of forest near you and gives some love to Mother Nature. It’s the perfect excuse to get outside, appreciate nature, and bond with those closest to you.

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