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Interesting Facts And Things To Do On Victoria Day

Victoria Day

Did you know, Victoria Day was also known as Empire Day?

Many people know about Victoria Day, but are unaware of all the interesting facts about this holiday. The first Monday in May is reserved for a time to reflect and honor the memory of our monarch, Queen Victoria. This is done through fun things to do to celebrate her life and mark her accomplishments.

This is the holiday that takes place on the long weekend in May – during the month of May. However, The holidays can be a great way to celebrate, It celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday, and since her actual birthday was on May 24, it was moved back one day to be near the date of her coronation day.

A Few Interesting Facts About Canada’s Victoriaday

Victoria Day is the second Monday in May. The day is celebrated across Canada to honor Queen Victoria, who ruled England from 1837-1901. She was also the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

In 1845, Victoria Day was officially adopted by the Province of Canada as a holiday that marked the birthday of Queen Victoria. The province later became a part of the Dominion of Canada and eventually became known as Ontario. The holiday has been celebrated since then on May 24th each year.

In 1901, after Queen Victoria died, her son Edward VII succeeded her to the throne and changed the date of celebration for his mother’s birthday to June 21st—the same day that marks his own birthday.”

The official flower of Victoria Day is the Lily of the Valley, which is also known as May Bells because of its appearance around this time of year.

In addition to celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday, Canada Day celebrates Canada’s independence from Great Britain (which occurred in 1867). The holiday has been celebrated since 1879 when it was officially recognized by law.

Did you know that Canada Day is actually a two-day celebration? On June 30th (the first day), Canadians celebrate their country’s birthday with picnics and barbecues; the next day they celebrate Canada Day itself with more organized events like parades and fireworks displays!

Things To Do On Victoria Day!

Every year, Canadians celebrate Victoria Day by taking part in patriotic events, such as parades and concerts. They also indulge in outdoor activities like picnics or barbecues with family and friends. Some people spend their time volunteering at soup kitchens or food banks to give back to their communities. Others spend their day relaxing at home or catching up on sleep after a long weekend of partying hard!

It’s common for families to spend the day at the beach, or out at a park. Some people like to go for long walks and explore their surroundings. Others enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner.

The day is celebrated with parades and festivals across Canada, as well as many sporting events such as horse races and golf tournaments.

There are lots of fun things you can do on this day, like:
Go on a hike or bike ride through nature trails
Go for a swim at your local pool or beach
Go boating or fishing with friends\family

Special Sale Offer On Victoria Day!

On Victoria Day, most stores are open as usual and there are many sales and special offers in the shops. Many people choose to go out for a walk or picnic with their family or friends instead of shopping at home because it is such a nice day outside!

On Victoria Day, people go to malls and stores to buy clothing and food for their family get-togethers. This is also a day when many people go camping or visit friends in other cities.

It’s Almost Time For Victoria Day!

Places to Visit on Victoria Day and Food Eat on Victoria Day
The Royal Ontario Museum is hosting a free day of activities on Victoria Day. You’ll be able to see art exhibits and take part in hands-on activities for all ages. The event is open to everyone and will feature live performances by local artists.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is also hosting its annual celebration of Victoria Day with a special exhibition called “Vibrant: Indigenous Art Now”. The exhibition features more than 100 works by contemporary Indigenous artists from across Canada and around the world—think sculpture, paintings, drawings and more—and it’s totally free!
If you’re looking for something more low-key but still fun, head over to the Toronto Zoo where they’ll be celebrating Canada’s birthday with some special treats.

On this day there are many things to do! Like eating some popular food eaten during this time includes lobster rolls (which are rolls filled with lobster meat), poutine (French fries covered with cheese curds and gravy), chicken wings and ice cream sundaes!

Let’s Talk About The Things You May Not Know About The Victoria Day

In honor of the holiday, here are some things you may not know about Canada’s monarch, Queen Victoria.

1. Her middle name was Alexandrina.

2. She was born on May 24th—the anniversary of the founding of Rome, according to the ancient Roman calendar—and she lived in London at number 17 Burton Street (now a museum).

3. She married her cousin Albert at age 19 and had nine children with him before his death at 44 years old (which is why many people believe that Queen Victoria was depressed).

4. She loved to travel throughout Europe and India in her later years, but she never left England during her reign as queen because she didn’t want to be away from her family.

5.During her reign she oversaw major changes in society including: industrialization; urbanization; immigration; expansion of the British Empire; advances in science and technology; and changes in modes of transport such as steam power trains or ships between 1850-1870s.

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